Zenith launches the CHRONOMASTER flagship series replica watch

2019 is the 50th anniversary of the first ZENITH El Primero "Star Speed" automatic high vibration chronograph movement. To pay homage to this extraordinary legendary movement, Zenith continues to present several new and unique watches. As the brand's first workshop watch, Zenith has re-engraved the prototype dial of an antique chronograph never seen before. CHRONOMASTER flagship series workshops exclusively sell replica watches, only available on Zenith Lilock Watch Factory and the recently launched brand's official e-commerce platform.

The world is changing rapidly and the Zenith Watch Factory penthouse is like a treasure chest that allows time to freeze, there are still many mysteries to be discovered. On the 50th anniversary of the launch of the legendary El Primero "Star Speed" movement last year, when the staff entered the attic in the main building of watch manufacturer Zenith, a pleasant surprise came quietly.

During the quartz crisis of the 1970s, Charles Vermot hid countless well-preserved designs, important parts and tools for El Primero's legendary "Star Speed" movement in the attic. Among them, the staff found a small unlabeled, meaningless box. Inside the box are many watch faces that have been baptized for decades. The iconic three-color dial of the El Primero A386 watch has become a classic, and even more striking is another three-color dial created in three different shades of blue.fake watches uk There is no trace of these three-color blue dials, but considering they are exactly the same as the prototype dials of the El Primero A386 watch released in 1969, it can be roughly assumed that these dials are indistinguishable from the prototype dial of the El Primero watch. A386. Wisp links. Perhaps because of this, Charles Vermot kept them in the attic along with other El Primero "Star Speed" movement components and production tools. We may never know if these three-colored blue dials are a replacement for the El Primero A386 dial or there are other uses, but their fascinating appearance and mysterious history prompted Zenith watchmakers to put them back into production.

To regain the charm of this prototype dial, Zenith has specially created this workshop replica watch from CHRONOMASTER's flagship series. This watch uses the original design designs to fully maintain the proportion of the classic chronograph. The 38mm stainless steel case with pump button faithfully reproduces the charming style of the 1969 El Primero A386 watch. The workshop of the flagship CHRONOMASTER series. exclusively sells replica watches, the latest work of the El Primero A386 watch. The original case of the replica is adopted, which makes its meaning more meaningful and more original. This watch features an El Primero "Star Speed" self-winding chronograph movement with high vibration frequency with column wheels.

The CHRONOMASTER flagship series workshop only sells replica watches, which should only have been sold at the Zenith Lilock watch factory, however, in view of the current situation, it is not possible to open the workshops under the Lilock brand. to see this special watch first, Zenith launched this watch on the brand new recently launched website, until the watch factory was reopened to the public.replica watches uk New websites will be launched one after the other in the main markets, starting in May in Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, before landing in the United States.

The CHRONOMASTER flagship series workshop exclusively sells replica watches in special packaging, such as the same book displayed in the library, with the Zenith watch factory design printed on the cover. Also included are a cartoon about Charles Vermot created by well-known Swiss cartoonist Cosey and a replica of the vintage dial in the attic.